Rider Safety

You are safe in your frontseat

Ride Hub thinks of special ways to assure safety for its drivers. We use the best of technology to provide maximum for you, before the trip, during the trip, and also after the trip.

Safe Start

Whenever you book a car at Ride Hub app, we find you and safely pickup at the exact location and drop where you need.

Our Service is not biased either on race or any community. We find you the nearest driver and promise the best possible user-experience, equally for everyone.

We let you know the Driver you are going to ride with, before he arrives. You can check driver’s steering-history, rating and necessary details.

Safe all the while

Once your trip is started, you are always on our map. We track you real-time and make sure your trip is as it should be.

Any deviation or disturbance will be in our notice instantly and we have safe solutions.

You can share your ETA with your family, friends or someone you trust so that they can follow your route.

Safe End

Feel free to share your experience by giving us anonymous feedback about the driver and about your trip. We consider your word seriously, and make sure we solve it.

We provide 24/7 support for all your queries and suggestions. We welcome and value anything from your side. We also have special team for any urgent concerns. Ride Hub is always up for protection and support for its rider.

how we use technology for your safety ?